Publik Market, lokal üreticileri, zanaatkarları, tasarımcıları, sanatçıları; komüniteler, destekçiler ve kurumlar ile buluşturan alanlar yaratır.


Brand Consulting


Publik Market, the trading company that added Germany and Japan offices in 2020; with its main office in Izmir, it is an expert in the textile market in Turkey.


We can source suppliers, products, fabrics, and handle any type of research operations needed for your fashion projects.

For each customer brief, we analyze and identify the most suitable possibilities in Turkey, ensuring the best possible results.


Good sourcing starts with finding the right product from the right supplier. We identify suppliers from hand-picked selected network based on quality, cost & delivery requirements of the client.

We work with suppliers from several areas of the textile industry such as apparel & fabric manufacturers, leather & accessory producers who give value to quality & ethical production with sustainable methods.


We offer samples to meet details of designs such as colors, fabrics & craftsmanship. After sampling we set a production planning and reporting all steps until packaging. One of the main services we provide quality control. Our goal is rather than finding the error, it is foreseeing things that may be a problem before the error occurs and making the necessary arrangements.


We find the most suitable production facilities in Turkey that produce with the highest quality raw materials. We offer cost-effective production solutions by protecting sustainability and ethical understanding.

International Marketing

By better understanding the different points of each brand, we can gain insight to grow its share, improve positioning and create clearer targeting for customer segments. All this results in higher revenues and profits than better alignment with customers and distribution channels. We see ourselves as experts in solving problems for your business and brand. We can determine the best strategy for the goals you want to achieve for your business and brand. We work in partnership with our partnerships to help our brands achieve their goals and build close and strategic relationships that create long-term business.

Our approach to sales conversions includes how and to whom companies sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back office operations that support these efforts. As required and appropriate, we also help customers address specific challenges in go-to-market strategies, sales force effectiveness, and other related areas. We help customers make permanent improvements in their sales investments across all channels to increase sales growth.

Brand Strategy

Sales Management

E-commerce & Incentives Services

If you want to internationalize your brand, you must be in B2B meetings and e-commerce markets. When it is difficult to explain your brand and decide on the right products to display, we will be there for you. One of the subjects Publiko specializes in is helping you prepare from product selection and pricing to meet the right buyer. We also hold B2B meetings with world-renowned fashion brands and provide consultancy on incentives.

Within the scope of B2B Meetings, E-Commerce and Incentive Consultancy, we determine the most suitable B2B meeting or market place (Amazon, Etsy etc.). In this context, brand infrastructure is prepared, products are selected for B2B meetings and / or marketplace. In order to ensure a productive meeting and a positive experience during B2B meeting / marketplace sale, brands and collections are legally analyzed and needs are determined. We evaluate the brand's digital strategies and provide consultancy for improvements. We notify brand owners as well as incentives that can be used for B2B meetings and / or marketplace.




First event of the Publik Market.

Caz Edisyonu

Publik Market was a part of Izmir European Jazz Festival.

in Italy

Publik Market joined East Market in Milano and Mercato Monti in Rome with its mini selection.

May, 2017
Caz Edisyonu

Publik Market was a part of Izmir European Jazz Festival 2nd time.

City Festival

Publik Market was the part of Publik Park festival brings design, music, gastronomy and experience. 

Caz Edisyonu

Publik Market will be a part of Izmir European Jazz Festival 3rd time.



If you have a brand and would like to discuss services of Publik Market, please send us a short info including your website and social media pages.