19.11.16 @editandchill

Publik Market hosted its first event in city's one of the best cocktail bar Edit. 12 designers, artisans and collector setup booths to show up and sell their products. LP djays played mixes all day long and a comic duo project was displayed. 


Publik Market's guests;

Big Baboli Print House, collecThings, MKNK Clothing from Istanbul,

İka Bağları from Kaz Dağları,

and from Izmir;

El Quinto, Envanter Heritage&Co., fukabunka, Küf Vintage, Materyal, Otro Mundo, sat-su-ma, tuff-design.co.

Turkish comic creator duo Fırat İtmeç and Ali Ünal was in display to show up their project Ortadoğu Pavyonu.


nish. creative house, with its market mix

Tremolokid & Emre Can Swim from Aperion Collective

and Dj. NoFrost.

Publik Market 2016 Poster